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Can exercise and chiropractic keep my brain healthy?

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  • Can exercise and chiropractic keep my brain healthy?
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Can exercise and chiropractic keep my brain healthy?

Here's the short answer...YES!

Researchers with the Rancho Bernardo Study of Healthy Aging studied 1,826 men and women in southern California to see what associations there were between physical activity throughout life and cognitive function in older age. They looked at whether they were regularly active (3 or more times per week) or inactive at various points in their lives. Not surprisingly, they concluded that individuals who were active had better cognitive function. Specifically:

  • Regular physical activity, with physical activity at older ages having the strongest associations, was linked to better cognitive function.
  • Physical activity, regardless of intensity, had an association with better global cognitive function, executive function and episodic memory.
  • Females with intense physical activity in their teen years had better global cognitive function
  • Those who were active throughout life performed better than those who were only active during one period in their life.

So what does this have to do with Chiropractic? Everything!  

Health is your Natural State: Normal Function = Health.  Every day of your life you are either getting a little stronger or a little weaker. In order for your body to function like it's supposed to you have to give it everything it needs (nutrition, water ,sleep,etc.) and you must have a clear connection between your brain and body. If the spine is not moving and functioning properly there will be a loss of the Brain-Body Connection which causes a loss of Normal Function and a loss of health. When patients combine regular exercise and checked and adjusted as necessary they are able to restore spinal alignment and function which re-establishes their Brain-Body Connection thus allowing them to resume functioning normally recover/retain their health. And when you've got everything functioning normally you're better able to exercise.

That is why our one and only goal is to get your spine and nervous system functioning more normally so that you can live at your highest and in years to come!


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