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When most people go to a doctor, they go because they believe they have something they shouldn't have and they want to get rid of it. What if the problem is really that they have lost something they NEED though?

Let me explain...Health is your natural state. NORMAL FUNCTION = HEALTH

If you have everything you need and if you are functioning normally, you should be healthy!

We know that your brain controls and coordinates the function of all the tissues and organs in your body and in order for your body to function normally you must have a clear connection in the nerves between your brain and body. Because of the close relationship between your spine and nervous system, you must have a spine that is aligned and functioning properly in order. 

A) LOSS of spinal alignment/function causes

B) Partial LOSS of Brain-Body Connection, which causes a

C) Loss of Normal Function and a 

D) Loss of Health

If you LOSE alignment or function ANYWHERE in your spine, you will also partially LOSE your brain-body connection and the whole body may be affected. Without a clear brain-body connection, you also LOSE normal function. And when you LOSE normal function, you LOSE your health.

We know that if we can help you get back normal function, YOU can get back your health

Our (Chiropractic's) Goal and Plan in 4 Steps 

A) Help RESTORE spinal alignment/function

B) RE-ESTABLISH your Brain-Body Connection

C) So you can RESUME functioning/healing normally

D) And RECOVER your health.

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