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About two years ago I threw my back out and was in severe pain.  Someone suggested that I see a chiropractor, but I was reluctant to try one based on stories I’d heard about chiropractors who make you sign up for a set amount of adjustments or who pressure you into purchasing all kinds of supplements and things.   I am happy to say that my experience with Dr. Dunn has totally changed my opinion about chiropractic care in general.  Now, not only do I receive regular adjustments, but I take my teenage son to Dr. Dunn too.

Dr. Dunn is a very competent and compassionate professional.  He is wonderful about explaining things in a way that makes sense.  He believes, as I do, that our bodies were designed to heal themselves, so the techniques he uses are a means to that end.  Dr. Dunn has been practicing for many many years yet he stays current on new trends and techniques in the field.

I also appreciate the fact that Dr. Dunn is very flexible with his scheduling.  My calendar gets very erratic at times, making it difficult to keep my appointments.  Changing things around has never been a problem, Dr. Dunn has always worked to accommodate our family- even meeting us at the office on a Saturday one time!

There are more than a dozen other chiropractors within a few miles of our home but we’re willing to drive out of our way to visit Dr. Dunn because we trust him so much.

-Lisa J.

Indian Trail, NC

I've had neck and back pain for many years, I've tried several options/remedies and the only thing that's helped me is adjustments with Dr. Marcus Dunn. I've even tried other chiropractors while living in New York City with little improvement. I highly recommend Dr. Dunn. I promise you'll feel better in a very short period of time...I now see him on a regular basis for preventive care and couldn't be happier!



This past week I suffered what I thought was a strained muscle injury. I had pain in my lower calf, knee and shin. I let the week go by with pain that kept me up at night in tears and limping during the day. After repetitive ice, heat, over the counter meds, vitamins, massages and resting, nothing was working. I was at my last straw and was not about to turn towards my physician for what I knew would be a long and costly road of specialists, x-rays and pain meds to have them tell me there is nothing they can do. I finally made the decision to call Dr. Dunn's office to see if he could help me with the issue. After one visit I experiecned much relief and for the first time in a week was able to sleep through the night. What I thought was a strained muscle was my sciatic causing severe nerve pain. I returned the day after for a follow up treatment and was adjusted a second time before leaving town for the week. Dr. Dunn gave me advice for what to do while I was traveling to avoid cramping and pain. I cannot express how much relief it was to be rid of the pain I let on with for a full week!! Dr. Dunn's service is by far the most thorough, informative and caring. I am a firm believer you can heal pain and other ongoing symptoms throught the hands of Dr. Dunn. I have used him prior for other symptoms but never to the extent of such pain relief. This goes to show pain is not a way of living but a warning sign and Dr. Dunn is by far the most skilled and knowledgeable. I highly recommend you contacting Dr. Dunn to keep your body conditioned and pain free. Thank you Dr. Dunn for the top notch care!

Nicki K.

Charlotte, NC

I first met Dr. Dunn when I was new in town about 4 years ago. I was the newbie in a group of about 20 runners when he introduced himself and made me feel at ease. He was genuinely interested in me and it showed. He listened intently to what I was saying and introduced me to several of his friends. He made me feel welcome!

Over the past 4 years I've had the pleasure to get to know Dr Dunn well. Over this time he has volunteered to help me in many ways and can always be counted on. He often does more than expected.

I trusted him with care for my wife and young son and he has been a tremendous blessing to us. My wife and son have benefited tremendously from his expert care. My wife has told me on many occasions that he goes out of his to provide outstanding care and has been extremely flexible with appointments when she has an urgent need.

We have total trust and faith in Dr. Dunn. He never fails to exceed our expectations.

-Mark J.

Indian Trail, NC

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