What makes Dunn Chiropractic different?

The Activator Advantage

Dr. Dunn is not your average chiropractor, and this is in no small part due to the technique he has trained for over 25 years to be a master of, Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique ("Activator").  It has been referred to as the "Activator Advantage."  Dr. Dunn was trained in the more common techniques used that involve palpating and twisting and popping in an effort to align the spine and although that can be effective in many situations he has found it to be much more limiting in how much benefit you, the patient, may be able achieve. 

Activator has been developed and advanced for over 50 years and is proven to be greatly effective.  It combines the most advanced and precise analysis, to find the cause of your health problems, with the safest and most gentle approach to resolve your problems. 

What does this mean for you?

It means that the chances of finding and addressing the actual cause of your problem are excellent.  It also means that on the rare occasion Dr. Dunn may refer you to another healthcare professional if he determines that your problem is not chiropractic related.  Treatment is "all about the cause", as Dr. Dunn has stated countless times.  Symptoms must be created; they are not the problem itself.  So, fix the cause and the symptoms take care of themselves. The reason most approaches to musculoskeletal pain don't work or don't last is that they target the pain instead of the cause.

Our services are centered around the cause and that is the alignment of your skeleton and the loss of a clear connection between your brain and body.

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