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About Dunn Chiropractic

Chiropractor Dr. Marcus Dunn is dedicated to providing exceptional chiropractic care to Charlotte, including the Cotswold neighborhood. Located in Cotswold, our clinic is convenient for those living in the south suburbs when they’re coming into town or on their way home. With over three decades in practice and eight years of service at our current office, we’ve built a reputation for excellence and a commitment to helping our patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

Providing Quality Care to All Who Need It

At Dunn Chiropractic, we are guided by the principles of Rotary International®, using their Four-Way Test to ensure integrity, fairness, goodwill, and benefit to all. We believe in providing compassionate care tailored to each individual’s unique needs, fostering a welcoming and supportive environment where patients feel empowered to prioritize their health.

From newborns to seniors, “anyone with a spine” is welcome here. We’re a judgment-free zone, LGBTQ+ Chamber Ally.


Healing People From Within

At Dunn Chiropractic, we believe health comes from within. By addressing misalignments or vertebral subluxations, we remove interference from the nervous system, allowing your body to function at its best. Dr. Dunn’s gentle approach to chiropractic care focuses on restoring balance and promoting healing from within, without cracking, popping, or twisting, so patients can take control of their health and well-being.

Our protocols are built around the Activator Methods®, a revolutionary, instrument-based analysis and technique. Dr. Dunn specializes in this gentle approach to provide safe and effective care for patients of all ages, from babies to seniors. We help alleviate discomfort and promote overall wellness through precise adjustments, relieving our patients’ pain and restoring function.

Optimize Your Health With Quality Chiropractic Care

Whether seeking relief from pain, looking to enhance overall wellness, or simply curious about the benefits of chiropractic care, we invite you to experience the difference at Dunn Chiropractic. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dunn today and take the first step toward a healthier, happier you.


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