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Chiropractic Care

Your spine is made up of separate segments that should all be mobile. If something isn’t moving like it’s supposed to be, it’s referred to as a subluxation. A subluxation irritates your spinal nerves. The nerves transmit information from your brain to every part of your body, telling it what to do and when. If your nerves aren’t working properly, you’ll find your body isn’t functioning like it should, either.

How Subluxation Happens

A subluxation occurs when your body can’t adapt to the stress placed on it. Stress can be physical, chemical or emotional. Typically, problems are caused by an accumulation of these stresses over time, though a single incident can worsen it.

Dr. Dunn restores the normal function of your nerves by doing a chiropractic adjustment. When your body can maintain that correction, you have a chance to heal yourself and have your body work at a higher level.

Why Use the Activator®?

Dr. Dunn is Advanced Proficiency Rated in Activator Methods and serves as an instructor using his expertise in this technique to train other chiropractors. This system of analysis and technique gives a high level of certainty. He will specifically locate your problem area, then make a precise adjustment. Afterward, a post-check will be performed to ensure your issue has been addressed. It removes much of the fear factor for people who feel unsure about chiropractic or don’t want their neck twisted.

With the Activator, your entire body can be adjusted, from your toes to your temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

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